Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TOEFL Essay - a fulfilling job as long as money is the result

Q. Agree or disagree: a job is fulfilling as long as it earns you money to live.


Job, fulfilling. I'm giving this title away. Jobs fulfill. If you see the end of work, easily parlaying end-times into an end of currency is a win-win for political enemies.
We worship the secular order, trusting that just governments act with moral authority. But this got boring. Because we outgrow our systems, we create other structures of order to maintain occupation. In some cases, the need to appeal to divine authority diminishes in a way that more chiefly assaults the definitive collective of laws our societies possess. One of the laws is jobs, which staff the economy is big terms and battle joblessness by being the exact opposite.

The economy needs money, and the economy is what money needs. We lock our value system with everything poured into this compulsive behavior of exchange. With no worthwhile trades the economy flounders. Better trades aren't created, and in terrible norms, imperatively we trade on the terror. An absurd interrogation asks where our hands find themselves in this equation. We ferry money, which cannot walk, from one machine to its final resting place like the ark of the covenant. Only money's final resting place is the economy. Money then flushes into the economy, which cleanses the economy. In this way, money clears blockages that contain the economy, which performs best at roaring best.

If we only value money we become empty earning shells. As shells lack any filler, the become washed up on the shore objections to doing nothing. But a shell contains nothing and is nothing, and nothing doing nothing means that one of those nothingnesses isn't doing nothing, it's up to something. Empty earning shells that smile here say hello there fine morning elsewhere I seek a good school district and happy honeybees with ruddy faces is really just carting around money from one automatic teller to another, accruing potentially used inside the honey of our own extinct toilet.