Monday, October 08, 2007

Bad Feelings are surrounding (revised...still working)

Bad feelings locate in several toads
Very lucky to witness sierra mistiness
Scatter salsa socks and blue corn taste
Usually represents a bad spirit, or
Upcoming tantrum.
I used to try playing drums. So the heart feels.
Went from skunk to real hunk. Predators
Cannot talk or seldom frivolously.
Speech collects in the divot, like lighter fluid
Can work our way up through foggiest doorman
In Halloween costumes we immolate Batman
My suit is breathable, but the take on fragile boys
Matches their dialogue, not their dialog’s underpants
Where real bad spirits are.
They find a location and seed where bad feelings
Sometimes I grab to stab my manhoods eatery.
Make it flushable bad feeling surround

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