Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sad Flat Puppy

I’m giving this toy’s educational value five stars. I learned more in Georgia, this toxic coating adds exciting. This puppy can run zero to seventy with swatziki sauce, and cause minor irritating bubbling: the values reflected in subsidies. How we copy. The dog died because her I let run photogenics. Redaction to preen. Flubless, and no bun. No run knob that manually, sets the length of the destination carpet. We were captives crying in a vacant, yet glitzy skull. Gliding to service entrances loose dog are picked up and destroyed with leftover ammo. The dog is rendered useless by lack of funds, hostile Virginia middle schooling, and government interference. The dog’s looseness — lack of smell – arranges a meeting of cold war powers long since out of papers. Nutrition loitered, the service entrance a small gamey type. This was second place? The dog went through our cousin, the backchannel, changing names. A truck then materialized and someone to drive it. At very fast rumbles, I wanted to run and tell my momma on ya’ll. You have capsized when you spit out baby. But there’s no telling what parents will actually call on gods for. Time till entry shower? She was a yelper. I was given a few moving seconds with the pile. Our interaction lacked fluid. I pupped and found pain was included. The molten crust of my first exhibit, faulted at the end and leashed – air being left in a flat to sour – lay down to perform the angel in creamed corn I would not be hungry enough to eat.

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