Tuesday, April 01, 2008

State of Sale

A response to this

A state of property is in flux. A suit you give guests so
they don’t feel ashamed with all the lovely ham you’ve prepared
when bathed surrounding inflated decisions. For one, my aerobed is unprepped property, in states of inflation or deflation, the utter
meatness comes into question.

There might be holes in your property that you cannot see.
Have you bunched up losses in those segments?
Have you paid it’s worth guessing, can you find out for me?

Mismanagement doesn’t respond; there are no managers.
The Valley is a turn off. When no use is allowed, hiring
for management is held off.

And there is no need for being sleazy just enough. Useless objects are sold
until we cajole use from them again, by paying large sums of money we fool others
into thinking that they should believe too.

We caterers, giving nutrition to this money table, unplug spaces like bested muscle, don’t call this relationship anything, fearful of calling, afraid it might follow.

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