Sunday, April 06, 2008

Which do you find more pleasing?

Full Day I Get Freedom, but Half Day I Get $$$

The flamingos are good with liberators
Yesterday, they conquered slim
one flamingo with cheap plastic trunk
with ease a team of liberty
there’s no “I” in liberty
for me, is the biggest deception
this easy, this trunk, though cheap and plastic
made from oil, sometimes being deception
How slimy they look walking away
quietly and without shirts
to be destroyed completely by my tears’
meanings, and their fathers meanings and theirs
fever and hemorrhage are present
Are you present to destroy utterly?
Fever and hemorrhage will be present?
Parentage and linear thought destroy
because they must destroy completely
Present yourself, to flamingos
We need to rent liberators
We need specifically the rent liberator
conquerors of yesterday’s
deception, ease of team
fever and hemorrhage present?
The deception is big
that cheap plastic bills, to flamingos
at least and December turn in for jackets and lighters.
And slim carry-ons fought over
cheap and snuck on
Slimy flamingo principle of lift
Fever and hemorrhage
Uncle cheap plastic bills on mom’s
didn't graduate side.

1 comment:

twelve.dollar.soup said...

I find YOU very pleasing!

In all seriousness, though, I think this poem is great. The repetition works splendidly!