Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Personification: it’s broad and throws a bank of data, rich with feelings

Developing emotionally, our cut is smaller
We learn to live with less
Researchy, qualitative blogs
In hopes of bigger squandering
English, lead in the belly
A common infection of personification
Interesting that students learn
To identify through explanation
Him saying over and over
Her saying okay and okay
We shaking our head and our head
Squawks back:
That’s PERSONism not Peronismo!
Correction: elephantismo
Fear of ghosts in trains
That can sit up and ask for bottle
These trains literally beg their mothers
Breast to come down from heaven and mop up

“If Absolut were a person, would it tend to come clean?”
Here’s to planning in advance, masochists!
Asked whether key, respondents might question
Claims that further beverages actually speed reduction
And allow inhibitions couples various exit techniques
Like, how would that meteor feel if we screamed when
It gets rid of us with a flip of the wrist

Captain Chuck uses similar crowd disputation technique termed
“Sad Facts” when he tells the rioters:
That’s just the way things are. Now go home
And supply your vacuums.
And we do supply them because they’re coddled
Charged with corpulent tanks of our deepest meaning
Like gas but never dry
Always buying
Into the infamous excesses of Peron and his Happy Houseplants
In his photo of Garrulous gel insertion technique
Miles of Absolut an entire country on Truth!

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