Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Physicals

-after Mathew Timmons

LA Poets, may you be read loud and wide, or I'm no cheerleader.

Email is more binding when the cough increases its effects. But don’t breathe your ass on me. Press that button, and shoot your answer within minutes. A simplicity that has never existed, because agreements made face to face are unsure. I might ask for pizza and you respond with guns, or even a steak brunch for two with death afterwards. What if I miss your face?

Much can go wrong in face to face conversation. I can only doom myself, but I can criticize your clothing from a distance. The cat leaves the bathroom cleaner than when it first started. Then I can see why you’d be mad.

Our contract cannot sit with us. You might scribble ‘feminist’ on a small piece of paper.
And I might reject that piece and its smallness. I don’t have to have it handed to me for this to not get read. We have spared nothing except a night of long names and I will die not knowing your aspirations:

Dying not knowing how to handle not knowing


Anathemata said...

Hey Ryan - nice - guess you got yrself a copy of the new physical poets - you like? hope so, but I can't agree with your claim that "The cat leaves the bathroom cleaner than when it first started." I just don't buy it.

Ryan said...

I did, I did. I like.
Which is cleaner, bathroom or cat
than when it first started?