Saturday, March 29, 2008

Walmart and the Mime Workout

[this piece seeks to dialog with Stan Apps' recent post on Friday, March 28, 2008. This dialog is not consentual, but called for by the consent tabloids that are the definitive guide to objects one might send with love.]

they are paid to shop
until they cannot pick themselves up
from discounted boot strings
and then they are paid more
we laugh at how much they are paid saying,
“they have money coming out their ears, and of their eyes

They are shooting money at Drew Carey
and he’s getting in trouble about being excited and
she’s incontrovertibly mousey
housed in a large inky Celtic knot”

you grab a shiny thing, and you're thinking
there are more like this, it's oblivious.
Out like pudding. Naturally, I wanted both pair, I could only
Mean oblivious in two separate bedrooms with smaller sleep

means pushing one of two buttons wrong
options are always butter or without
a national championship ring

I always wanted until I had money. Now I just buy several
a showing of national industrial footing
and clemency faces of wonder open tubing of refills.


Stan Apps said...

This version's better. "incontrovertibly mousey" is sexy--don't know why. Sound of the words?

Ryan said...

Yes, I think so too. But I'm still working on it a bit...thinking maybe it should be longer....