Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mission Accomplished

What I’m against is legion. I’m against narrative. And I’m against using narrative for war. I mean, rationally, what has a story we all have inside to do with war? Each person has one good book, not one good war. That’s why I’m against narration. It leads to one good book.

What I’m against is encephalitis. I’m against the feeling of feeling filled. A fullness equals a contentedness. And outlook cannot correct past mistakes in other flawed pre-discount platforms. I’m against platforms that seek a discount contentedness. I’m against feeling that fullness leads to connectedness. Connectedness leads to charging, and charging leads to shedding.

What I’m against is flaccid. I’m against slouching. When you’re not excited, all your organs squish down into your upper leg regions. This is science and has denied us many outlets we need for health. I’m also against any form of slouching health.

I’m against diagnosis. I don’t believe you should check both ways. I disagree with knowing what’s hitting you. It should be left up to independent bodies, appointed by what’s about to be hitting you, to diagnose without flaws. Flaws cause platforms to backup which then results in pronounced calves.

What I’m against is viciousness for today. I’m seeing many things, but because most haven’t happened today they are objects that you cannot see until their publication date. These things I’m seeing are off-limits, but they kind of suck. Don’t you too hate things you cannot see but that kind of suck?

What I’m really wholeheartedly against is fetishism. Fetishism is what’s left of a consumer driven center when you take away the chains. The object is left to me who’s wholeheartedly not hearing it. How lucky would it be to be an object who’s not hearing it?

And it’s these earless objects I’m against frankly. You can’t tell me what music is? I don’t want you at my table. I’m contra that. I’ll defend many things. But not objects that just don’t have an ear. Let’s be firm about what surrounds us.

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