Thursday, March 20, 2008

Granma Claus

The orangutan will actually search various compartments
Before feeding intensely, and once remedied might consort
With markings and listings under similar name categories
Ones you might get mixed up
When looking for the best God there might even be

I can sit on your lap how many times,
Juan, at arranging the flower basket
I'm busy arranging your face jam.
I'm convinced in evil: the news
Sampling a photomat imagining proper recipes
At 10, he's got some more flower
Arrangements, a millions ways to hang on to your trooper
Coming back for more and more,
A guilty pleasance; won't stop barking.

You'll have to isolate and tolerate the essence
Which involves two fingers and me telling you to strain
Enveloped in certain cannery DNA trustworthy

He works full time. He discusses his job.
A photographer of nature, killing heads of state for a living
When their guard is down and in uniform, of course playing golf.
When gloves are least suspicious. And if what sticks out
The FBI can open my can of tomatoes
I have a cell phone shaped tumor
Playing that one-handed.

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