Wednesday, March 05, 2008

God's Livestock Policy, First Take

by Stan Apps

I really enjoyed the logical turns of the language, the kind of way I'd imagine that God would argue, just because s/he can be a lawyer sometimes.

Tonight I was reading a passage with my TOEFL students in our gigantor exercise book and it hit me: TOEFL reading passages and GLP are very much alike. I almost dropped the book (500 pages+) in the middle of my reading, and was forced to pause.

Both readings draw my attention to the repetition of certain words, flavoring the language with "this should be a main idea and you should take notes on it and talk about when you are made to speak." Also noted is that moment of near-duh from following and drawing out metaphor to its far reaches, destroying the metaphor in favor of plain parlance, no more high falutin' intellectshul talk, but preacher talk amped up.

The metaphor becomes a reason that I (& we?) continue to listen: to wait for its very destruction. Our love of endings makes us hurry to read Revelation.

And because you can get good prices at the award show.

Cue music.

(to be continued...)

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