Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Your Most Sought-after Career Path

I mean, it's just about filling a niche.
and if you can do that, well cool
I don't expect to ever get paid for doing what I love
I think that's the most practical stance, since
the majority of people in the world
write poetry on a small thing, not made to be much to the world
but it’s about filling a niche. I hope
to fill that place. It means that I’m heard
and that voice will truly ring
to a few choice people who will hear me and perhaps
set aside cooking for my work, so that my work
may eat and partake in the same breakfast hour partying
that is the reason why poetry isn’t famous
but it’s also the reason that I can share my life
with people who don’t envy my job
because I can’t buy them dinner on good nights
and they don’t see my clothing and think, “wow
I need a niche, too. I wish I had his niche.”

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