Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maryland-DE Shared Truckstop

The ozone hole is made from rockets
Which are made by labor
And only one can hurt
As one of the cards, oh made so lonely
Boy, spied hair
Draw an island and put what you can’t live without there
A new eyeliner
Handmade by rockets and in shape
Crispy little cupcake hands,
The crushed pieces of the band
Out of tune and running out of field
Ozone made kitchenettes, to blame?
This surface has continuance
me describe ozone to my father
It helps to breathe
Because literally the air in the room
Is oppressive talking pills

They wanted us to defend them who no voice
But I said the lions are hungry.
So we threw them. And no one bought it,
Sewn by environmentalists
Ancient Irish trust funds
QVC air trouble
If opening the sexy value
I can let miserly ships clam

stripping down, ozone out
how much can you fish in my pocket?

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