Friday, March 14, 2008

Many People this year will venture to see your more interesting sites

Tourist is a feminist term. It starts off strong but grows
Siberian rockets!
Glamorizing the shooting off and shooting up
Cannot be said healthy, but glow
Reviews, glow. This health appears

Bronzer runs.
Systems of toil, truly interacting
In our nation when the moms are angry
There is no way of stopping and what they might do
Creating nonviolence using parentheses

A mom detonated today alongside a convoy
With signs, with greatness, with decent wellness
“Let’s let cannabis decide?”
“Don’t violate the circle.”
And “From this moment on, Mom’s Take
Camp Singlehandedly.”

Discussing how we can celebrate the violence of pocket rockets
Commemorating teams have a big job ahead
Such as “Manly Ambition Creates Barnacles”
“Juicing the Idea is our Own Max Champion.”
And “How to appear Feminine but Take the Game Over.”

Grams of nationhood put their opinions in
Our Suggestion Box overfloweth
And therefore cannot handle this much suggestion
Without perhaps homemade glossolalia for my opening.

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