Friday, March 28, 2008

puppy dog tails

I find it positive that my brother won’t introduce his girlfriend
That every one of us needs a colon in our pocket
Racing, the big truck in line to hand you flowers
It’s all about you. Sea enemies
Open and deny entrance to germs
about you. Taken to task
A raccoon will fluff a better pillow
Than your brother standing in a heart shape
Allows his system to corrode a close girlfriend
One of your best shopping pals not introduced to her now boyfriends

Climax about time you reached a safe zone
That mocking throat swallowing of the exerted engine
And friend indeed to stranded game wardens
Who are we but warriors of different sages
Clemens is nothing but a showboat and apocalypse
I will sell my daughter for Clemens’ return.
But first you must introduce your name.
You must allow others to genuflect into your parish
It will resolve itself in Mariah
And will reject all pulp as originating material.
Only antimatter will focus on the spaceship
Whose cast told a deep tale of personal growth
Eons spent crammed into a tiny vessel
To become known as nosebleed seating.

I will sell my lassie for batter and rice dream.
The supermarket grants and the most honest men wish
Critters stir off into the bedroom, but here
Under the sedative fluorescent capsule, a yearbook
Nikes and Beverly Cleary share potency next December.

A shake composed of two parts biofuel is no match
For forest fires! Destroiters of unlucky family planning!
Grimacing surefire regimens against wetness endangerment
Keep your composure a warden says, Tories
The old guard can’t see far away blimps
Rising to nonoxinal-9 status in gated communities

And you, O, shallow bro shielding
Your girlfriend will introduce hers as apocalypse
My tale about fresh seating
Will break the ice until you’re old enough
My dump truck will ice dead your golden calf

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