Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Like at New York PA Border

This is a revised version of a poem that appeared in my latest chapbook, A BORDER LOOKS LIKE MAKING LOVE, OR, WHEN THAT LITTLE MOMENT HAPPENS AND YOU ARE SURE, A BORDER

Everyone crossing the New York-PA border fucks a donkey.
I sucked farts out of my girlfriend’s donkey with an ass at New York-PA border town
The donkey mounts the women
The animal is clearly drugged.
There are drugs in this donkey.
There are drugs on this border.
Apologize: What does the donkey show? Any revelation about human nature?
The air is cleaner on the New York-PA border, but only in far off ass parts
Where they hold meetings to keep it that way.

It is important please to not interrupt border clean air act meeting inappropriate.
I came I saw I chugged alcohol (totally rip off) stolen from the breasts of borders
Only in New York!
Also in New York-PA border.

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