Thursday, January 15, 2009

do you mean business? Or, can you help it getting busy?

Do you mean smart and twangy business
bustling with people
somewhere a monkey trained
to do a human´s joy
any business with this schwag?
you might choose a better version
a smarting and unasked for business
is my business smarts of unasking for
your undoing?
your business undoing
boiling down to the bare basic
fundamentals all businesses
are aware of before becoming business

what about the business of others
other´s business smarts
is their intelligence found
is it the business of intelligence

what about tangy business that lingers
is your business clean
up in business, literally in his business
I mean actually instrumentally changed the business
do you keep your business clean
and do you keep whatever your business straight
what about orderly?
does it keep?

What business do you mean exactly?
Do you keep the business of others
orders in your twangy bangy bus of business
or mere straight business of sex
busts, is all business a
bust if possible

what´s your business, Seafarer
but the business of the sea
and mine the business of me?
sea´s business
business, especially other´s, can be a possible bust

others might not clean their business
it therefore busts
maintain their clean business so active
or implement their business properly

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