Friday, April 29, 2011

TOEFL Essay - travels alone or guided

Q. Many people enjoy vacations that are with a tour guide. Still others enjoy traveling alone. Which do you prefer?

I have found travel to most places in the world particularly interesting. I have performed this action by myself. There has been no interference. Because of the simple nature of solitude, I prefer no tour guides free from distraction and jabbering commentary, and also free of charge.

Distraction in a talkative way is a big deal. What is “nice to know” is not “must know.” When we navigate urban areas of interest, various flights of fancy might dictate nonstop talking, or jabber. Commentary made loud as it's microphoned up to large speakers has this jabbering and muddy affect. Much of this jabber forms commentary, but who writes this commentary and for whom? I am not a usual tourist. For example, I will not fit like an egg into the open top of a bus, roaring down the wide avenues in the rain with a barker delivering historical information at a high pitch. I don't want my head getting wet on the bus. I would rather rain deflect or detour around my studious locks. There's no city that can't handle my hair. I have even invested in multiple avenues of over-the-counter straightener to relax my hair because it signifies the real me. I detest the tours.

Tours often charge high prices to proffer the belief that your glimpse of the environs uniquely satisfies. I am not looking to be generically quenched. My adventuresome spirit thrives, but I know that language which boasts of uniqueness and one-of-a-kind thrills originates in the mouths of liars. I want to see real lions, not hear talk of the lion's roaring. With guides, there is no angle uncovered, but my quest for authentic experience eclipses my desire for surprise. No one scare or suddenly increase the volume coming from your voice box, please no.

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