Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TOEFL Essay - bicycles, automobiles then airplanes

Q. Choose one of the following transportation vehicles and explain why you think it has changed people's lives.
• automobiles
• bicycles
• airplanes


Modes of transportation have changed lives. In some cases they've made our world a better place. All masteries of bicycles, automobiles and airplane contribute to the fascination we have with endless motion. I will discuss three types of getting around and how they've changed our time here.

Bicycles moved men and women from walking on two feet to holding handlebars and seated. Pedestrian gain power over larger masses on the street. On bikes, men and women become full of aggression, and assume the rules of the road. No longer walking, humans have earned a whole set of rules foreign to their walking cousins.

Automobiles power us to move. Everyone buys one so that they can be powered. Now, we can choose from a great pool of cars. They even have the automobiles which are manufactured custom. This car fits to your body exactly. Your curves are cushioned in a way no other vehicle can. Knee room, headroom, and your arms reach the radio dial comfortably. You turn to mystery channels easily. You can hear the voice while driving. Our lives have changed because we can hear voices and drive automobiles.

Airplanes are singular motions in the sky. Nothing made of artificial sense survives there. Planes taking off at diverse hours stay free and isolated in bottomless refraction of denying the oblivious. We look out and see the dots of counties and wonder what adherence we do to rock. Grown lotteries, these avionics. It's a chance physics might kick it, and then the interesting relay happens.

Humans have seen themselves bend double for street gear, turn dials in fancy machines, and learn to tray their electronics during take off and landing. Technology asks us to follow precise rules. Or usually the comeuppance is swift and saws into us. Just think of the first time a gear tears into a body. If you don't stow your gadgets, interference results and we don't get a redo. For some technology, we've learned that redoing the landing isn't considerate.

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