Monday, January 03, 2011

TOEFL Essay - freedom, security or independence

Q. Which do you feel is more important in your life: security or freedom and independence? Use reasons and specific examples to support your opinion.

Keeping your rooftop secure, now that's a goal to set. Maintaining freeing theories and worldviews, that can help out the most downtrodden. There are probably people under them, and under them. Independent from all fetters, we find we imbue each resulting task with a quick resolve, regardless of whether this resolve is pantomime. Of these three paths, we judge it more judicious to sell ourselves on freedom, since our free minds push the other two. The security of your homeland security might reach some deafening sounds. If the noise is too atrocious, it counteracts with how many flags we wave. And so, in this way, security stomps freedom, which only adds to the rising importance of this free idea.

Crowds love to wave flag. Each person has a flag in their face that they're free to wave. If you squint your eyes and view this multitude, one big flag can be seen, sending a large message to other groups and causing disagreements. Freedom is the goal that gets large numbers to hide behind the flag because this latter is useful. Flags are utilities. If you want greater freedom, simply rile airwaves with ideas that the flag is there for win freedom, and that wrapping ourselves in the flag makes us breathable. If listeners understand that the flag is hurt, it means the colors are running to where there is security. But in the end, we are free to run. This freedom motivates our legs to get far away.

Especially if you splash a flag across a magazine, a newspaper, or even a small bathing suit, there are ways to use freedom. The flag spells freedom. You are free to wave it, and others are free to object. But these others cannot threaten with harassing gestures. If you want the most work done, instilling freedom into us is a way to exploit in a way that benefits and trims us. There can be no security if there is no community.

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