Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TOEFL Essay - Christmas as a holiday

Q. What is your favorite holiday? Describe this holiday and tell why it is your favorite.

There are many holidays. These are usually fun, which is unavoidable. They are also periods of time when our escape from school is realized. Of all these outbreaks, my favorite is Christmas and how it stacks up to others for many reasons; however, two of these reasons are food and family.

Food is integral to our organism. It is our fuel which propels us. I like food with nominal cheeses. During Christmas, I get to have these urges met. All foods with multiple cheeses are served, and devoured, by our waiting hand-to-mouth. On this holiday I get to search the table covered with all my favorite foods, and for these I'm thankful. I have to save this issue for another holiday, when I can fully find the thanks in my heart. Nevertheless, Christmas is better than Thanksgiving because the food isn't themed: we sample foods from every season and of multiple baking styles.

Another reason for my fanatical insistence that Christmas is the best of holidays is because of family pressures. When we celebrate, families come around. There is nothing abnormal about this happening. We feel warm and full in their presence. Naturally, bystanders grow curious when yelling and hugging plus great eats are available. This family is the inviolable structure that no one can trespass. Vulnerability is inconceivable when my family visits my house, where we find our usual Christmas celebration impossible to interrupt. For example, when my family all grooms together, the bathrooms are full. However, the atmosphere in this small enclosure is tactful and lacks humility. Our prowess as a group is palpable and jovial. Jokes are flying all around. There is really no stopping us. Christmas is just an intersection of our unstoppable togetherness. If anyone were to witness this behavior, they first would find themselves attracted to this celebratory charisma. Secondly, they would learn the meaning of family that exists outside most others.

For vacations or holidays that accomplishes so much in just one day, Christmas tops the list.

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Beth said...

Just gone through the Christmas as a holiday and found it wonderful. May this Christmas be filled with messages of peace and prosperity! Merry Christmas!!! Christmas hampers