Saturday, December 06, 2008

I'm not legit in my own neighborhood

It’s difficult to describe

But I’m a quarter part of the solution.

You see, I voted for the responsible gimme

I was tired of waking up to pounding rock

Even my headache seemed to be saying,

“Go out and vote to no longer have rock”

Rock is formidable but wieldy and timeless

We put off the rock by giving it negative reviews

Like the dye job Frampton is alive in that movie

Where we’re all told to vote for rock because the rock channels sponsors the vote

I would be alive if I voted

I used to enjoy that rock channel

But now they are saying if I don’t vote, silly songs will divide and conquer

Now the channel plays silly songs with no value

And we have lost the ability to familiarize

Value to me is playdough you can give to children to eat

But at least most kids are pondering voting seriously

It makes me want to strangle myself slowly with dull objects

Does anyone in my neighborhood have dull objects or a strangulation

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Patrick Daley said...

I like this a lot.