Monday, October 06, 2008

Sometimes Predator Becomes Temper-Losing Predator

Alas, maybe there is laughter from a faraway object
These flight crews I control
You’re sitting on

I'm going to Cancun! Drugs!
My headphones cannot change my side
I cannot be seen
Gaze as this scene and attempt to describe
What earth they’re doing

What is this picture doing or going towards?
I have zillions of photos from vacation
(Predator suit, bikini, nothing on, Predator nice
Single malt Predator slut.
Predator hung over Predator
Smoking *cool* Predator mom pic
Predator sunset)

All have my face in them.
I have an accent and a military shirt! Hugs-a-zillion!
I can see you understand my travels
Now comprehend my fist. Predator fist.
I'm going to blow up
With a Nail Salon!

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