Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sermons and Poetry

Stop sermonizing about what "poetry's" goal must be. Please stop.
But list “felatio betterment goals”
Having to do with earth’s misconstrued poetry
Poetry in a giant sermon lacy spaghetti
Pink on the inside and gulp giant
My ears hurt with fluid. I am now only sermonizing
This is the fluid you get in church:
Guest Sermon by Father Bioflavonoid
The fluid of not listening
The fluid of Sonny Liston
Corners the belch of no understanding
God throws drugs at stars at night followed by what else? More sermons
The fluid that understanding simply does not agree
And you have a final choice procedure
Which sermon has fluids you side with?
The fluid of rejection, as in "her rejection of me was fluid"
The fluid of rejection, as in I am feeling like rejecting those salmons
On the wall with sermons and songs
And Ode to crack Maradona, crack skills, crack MS WORD registration patch
And my rejection runs loamy into a waiting tandem bike
There are fluids you can play with: bitch magnet
Underarmpit attraction sealant found in fluid
Fluids shouldn't hide: Beatle Mania
Betelgeuse, there are fluids that are hyped
Fluids that are left out
The fluid of left out loser dust particles grows in its Lukeness
It's very obvious what fluid means.
We are filled in by sermons.
You must stop preaching because of policies
Don't post twice in the box about (boring)
Don't post twice in the box about (insidious)
But no one fluid wants to hear them.
Please stop sermons about mung innocence.

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