Friday, February 13, 2009


Paula offers her ring to her adoring fan. After a few gasps of air being released quickly, this fan – whose name is Tatiana – moves forward to take the promised item. Paula puts the ring slowly on Tatiana’s finger. More air is being let out. Cold air decreases seepage but increases deflation. Tatiana now cries and runs from the room, holding her face, letting out more air.

Re: Tatiana del Toro

There will be people like this who care for your hypothetical children some day and whose secret wish is to wear Paula's ring. More than anything, they hunger for the ring, quest for it. Such people might take your blood pressure, drive you to the airport, hold the ladder while you're high up reaching for something, or tell you what may be the worst news of your life. They will do so with a deep sense of empathy, their eyes taking the shape of the appropriate emotion so as to signal that they too, experience deeply. But beware, for when they get home, girls like this with banshee whines will deeply move them. They will call them "inspiring" and "charming," they will seek these paragons of achievement as friends, wandering into the farthest reaches of print and digital media. This should deeply concern us all.

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