Saturday, September 05, 2009

Jenna has this baby.
What Jenna has is a very large baby.
An incredibly intelligent baby can be left alone.
Jenna’s baby cannot be left alone
It cannot be left alone because
Sometimes sitting on her chest
Jenna’s little turd will spend too much time texting.
Babies shouldn’t text, they should cry.
If your baby texts, make sure it cries.
Create a darling environment
I can hear a cry from here.
Can you squint your ear
And open your mind to a small cry
Like a siren’s baby off in the distance?

They should cry into the listening device
But should not
Absolute imperative.
Use their nubby fingers on the keypad
Babies don’t text messages so under no circumstances
Should you let them remove their nubs they’re so easy.
When little fingers move so quickly upon a keypad,
I feel a slight chest tremor and wish I wanted children.
Knocked from my seat by this chest tremor
My wife says absolutely no texting crying.

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