Thursday, September 24, 2009

I’m giving this toy’s educational value five star rating. This review is pounding the pavement for five star rating, clearer than would be any object in the world. I learned more in Georgia, this toxic coating adds to entice. This puppy run zero to seventy, minor irritating cause the five star values. I let the photogenic quality get away. Redaction to preen. Flubbed, no bun. No run knob that manually sets the length to Destiny of Carpet.

We were captives in a forward-thinking cell, yet too glitzy in skull. Gliding to service entrances loose dogs called safe are picked up and destroyed with remaindered shelving. A uselessly rendered dog may accrue excess fines and government involvement.

The dog’s looseness — lack of smell – arranges a meeting of cold war powers long since out of large font. Nutrition loitered, the service entrance a small gamey type. This was second place? No one boxed so Drago as you. You put your arms making like an Octopus. I’d imagine the effort strung out.

The dog went backchannel through our cousin, changing names. A truck then materialized and someone to drive it. You have capsized, but there’s no telling what parents will actually call on gods for. She prefers little yelpers. I was given a few moving seconds with the pile, quivering mass of oat. Our interaction lacked fluid. I pupped and found pain included the molten crust of my first exhibit. Faulted at the end and leashed – air being left in a flat to sour – lay down to perform the angel I cannot be hungry enough to eat.

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