Friday, September 11, 2009

I like how you listed your political view as fascist.

Including this fascist information and about what you do with various genres of fascist literature answers a few questions.

Oh that’s really very fascist.

The most evil man of all time is now changing his facebook plans.

He turns his face toward the grieving women but ignore them fascist cry babies.

Just marking fascist playthings for liquidation.

Thanks for group hugging your friends. Even the pimply nose picker.

Who can group together in a club going commando and have a fascist picnic time.

Even maybe now get some visits from Denmark, where castles have networks and plugins for facebook updates.

I’m afraid storing gasoline might make me look crazy.

Did you make a castle to lie down in?

How about how cold those rocks you build castles with are.

All the gasoline in Hitler’s eyebrow doesn’t retain an odor like castle rock entertainment.

Finally, someone compared Hitler.

Nice joy ride you fascist prince, are you going to throw your friends frozen mothers out of the moving carriage?

Kind and empathetic and a strong musculature to visit there getting food to urgent areas mocks a plan created by national socialism to starve medially underserved regions.

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