Sunday, September 06, 2009

Verses for Kids

What hitmen do is impersonal, and are pretty strictly corralled by duty. If your sister did something that angered hitmen bosses, then a fatality should be blamed on the lack of choice hitmen truly have when it comes to killing and satisfying bosses' revenge fantasies.

If hitmen don’t kill, they will either lose their job, or a new job opens that consists of their picture in a file with a big crosshairs. And someone else is found to do that job. Hitmen don’t care about you or your sister (except the bad things she did) and neither do hitman replacements.

Presidents, however, are completely different from hitmen because they aren't targeting individual voters. They must instead decide to do what's best for the nation (besides, they don't actively kill people). Sometimes presidents' jobs are unpopular because one group doesn't want them to kill their interests.

But no killing goes on. Presidents don't sign a contract that says they must go to your hometown and wipe out your family because they've been paid by Shell Oil or Nabisco to waste your siblings.

Since they can’t do what your one vote wants them to do, if you hate presidents because they don't do what your vote wants but decide on what's good for the majority of votes, then it’s your stupidity and selfishness that causes you to bother hating these elected presidents, and not any factual information you possess (that no one else seemingly possesses) that indicates their level of badness.

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