Sunday, September 13, 2009

Raiding a Public Program Already

Bankrupt is bad policy.
When no one has money
No one is really lonely.
I’m going to have to file for bankruptcy
Because my loneliness needs recruits.

Bankruptcy filers grasp neoprene monotone dummy socks
Are you prurient? Likening
A strange neoprene outfit to go hunting.

Made up what I like
A base enjoyment
Surrounding money and food
Both brood, both booed
Encased in a loneliness
That is mine, all mine.

A policy designed to improve narcotics processing
When in fact no police horse regulation at all
Can be called from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Stamped out mistreatment of the polar wild

The quote made me put more emphasis on the present
And how extremely retarded valuable can be
You stay behind at the same address
And your beard gets retarded looking when you forget to cut it
Growing into the driveway cracks
Then you cut it
With a lot of help
Values in the neighborhood are down, largely
Because of that stupendous beard right there
For believe the present is of intense value
Only if there’s an insane amount of reading
Will I usually get typically flaming head rash
And this is what is happening in Soviet Russian basements
Where Florida doesn’t have basements because of water tables

Where I live, In Florida
Low tides and lucid places
Small areas uncharted by human hands
Are all Florida’s to exploit.

I have largely cut ties
With my birth handlers
Just don’t compare
The flary airy dimple
Created in the hush left behind
By this orange land
Center of Freedom
Dell has purchased para

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