Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sprung Formal '09

Sprung Formal is such a well-put together publication. A publication's publication: glossy and full of great art and poems.

I'm in the latest. But just in case that's enough for you not to buy, a lot of other amazingly talented writers and artists' [Fantastic art and literature by Eirikur Orn Norodahl, Mike Hauser, Josef Kaplan, Brandon Brown, Alli Warren, Jasper Bernes, David Perry, Kari Frietag, Todd Colby, Sarah Luther, Linda Lay, Sarah Sarai, Nada Gordon, Sawako Nakayasu, Jordan Stempleman, Nathan Logan, Edwin Torres, James Meetze, Sarah Mangold, Alex Savage, Maurice Burford, Jess Rowan, Charlie Mylie, and others.] work can be read there too.

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