Friday, May 15, 2009

Alfredo and Animals

Alfredo notices the shimmering lakes, where there are sometimes golf players. One hunched over and pulled out an automatic weapon. The game was over. He notices that he steps out of the condo and wipes off a cigarette, lights it and immediately the air conditioner kicks on. Eighty degrees in the shade is a no can-do. Certainly you must know that Alfredo doesn’t yet like suburbs. He says "depressing" and "lacks originality" when we solicit reasons. Nothing in a suburb is out of the ordinary, Alfredo adds. My ordinary thinking cannot contain suburb. Even the salsa music is boring and detached, as if the band is being followed by debtors owed a lot of money and the drummer just did something bad to one of his own body parts. The car slowly passes Alfredo sucking down a cigarette barefoot.

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