Saturday, May 09, 2009

I open the can and feed your face with garbanzos because you are ignorant of their power

I am going to shotgun a can of garbanzos open
And then pour these little peas into our mouths
Then you can say we ate with violence
And the tantrum revels in itself
In my nation of movement red face
With a shotgun and redfaced
Because the garbanzos are interfering with your Shabba Ranks-
Induced song fest
You make me eat when others can’t

(eat me)
You hold the shotgun and make me eat now.
We are violent together at dinner.
Dinner should be the point we meet to discuss gun politics.
The politics of holding a gun while having a spoonful of something goooood.
And how you enjoy it so much more with a gun to your head.
It’s the last day of eating with that shotgun
Because it is rented and should be returned
Since the rightful owner asked
And swore nicely to not reduce our garbanzo portions
Loading the garbanzos into the barrel and feeding you in an unforgettable way.
Your fingers are entering the can where the garbanzos exist
Having bright ideas about garbanzo purposes
Put to good use rubbed on your face as a giant mask
Overlooking your important flaws
So you get to be in a magazine
You get to be the garbanzo fan of shotguns
For a moment while I then mix the garbanzos into my face
In a way that suggests another culture’s mask
Honoring all traditions but accepting of the new garbanzo variety
So that we’re garbanzo wearer South Caribbean (Caribe Warrior) #1
And Iroquois High Priest in the Middle of a Commerce Problem with French Canadians

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