Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Force the car industry to rebuild the rails.

Force the car industry to rebuild the rails. First let's drink to industry, the backbone in practical collision. I had the idea, stimulating first the economy

Since many urban and domestic railways and beds were destroyed by those vying for roads, the institution of the seatbelt returning to demands within seventies public dialogue tapes, during the last century

Why not stimulate, we’d be losing out, car companies and those bankrupt agencies, by conscripting (a forced contractual) to rebuild the face of national travel

And other integral trails of public ambulance. I say they owe us, the bums. Two hits in as many innings, why buy seats? Highly powerful officials could

Lay the foundation, manufacturing this would recreate jobs and industry, create playable and laugh heavy contexts; steel would be needed again, plus cars for the rails and consumer demand travel via rail over large swatches of what I'm holding my hand over magically appearing: land. Of course they would be hiring

Towns wouldn't be bystanders in the kitchen while the batter of their own destruction is dicey; they would have donors before, to assure the fixation with conductors

And beneficiaries would plummet from the stones and trees instead of from the windows and buildings.

Rebuilding the rails would open up new historical bounty. We could foray into unknown areas of public life. Travel would become brilliant. A cheap nation on the verge of traveling to all corners with the trains always. Clean and safe environmentally friends. And a manufacturing center so goal-oriented. Objects made in America feed America. These produce are within our breadbasket. And they feed a very American urge to construct your own objects you plan to use.


Stan Apps said...

Nice. I like how the first sentence frames it as an essay or a comment to an online forum, and then it gradually jerks its way out of that frame. The ultimate effect is something like the poem being smarter than what it's saying, like the form is trying to get traction in order to improve the content.

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

Also, since in my own writing I have a tendency toward sermons, I wanted to exploit my own defect.