Monday, May 04, 2009

Such Heartfelt and Really Pressing Swine Problems

I reordered the correct serial number
Amount, quality, stock

But for some reason
The giant swine tongue arrived instead

Coats all sizes in mud packs and swill
Uncomfortable licking

Jumps into action
In activation mode

To renew your outdated
I’m swamped with work

So I sawed off bosses
Into a swine garage

Where playthings are terrified in their places
Touch puts the right on

Covering their petite ingénue requirement cost
A gigantic rubber sum

Angry teen swine yelling
For angry teen swine to call.

Jump to showing swine in contact with press division
Bejeweled shows held in captivity by swine

Your licking disconvenience
Heard within headphones of the amount,

Quality, stock but some weird reason
Took our attention.

A large barnacle

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