Sunday, May 17, 2009

History Makes People Bad People Everywhere (2)

History has made bad people everywhere
Without anyone controlling it.
They beefed control up
And security remains light
Even though what you see is when a vision
Gets out-of-hand

The bad people are escaping
And we turn our eyes to see them run
Great fun can sometimes be had
Watching bad people escape
When these use unusual ways to do it.

Another source of my newfound desire
To implant significant changes in artificial areas
Is that good people are turned down often by bad people
As if the bad know the good are doomed
And aren’t equipped for the job.

Bad good people are also feverish
To get a hold of bad bad people
Who do impressions of the bad good
For sake of laughs for the sake of ska

An aspect of ska has changed
And these bad people are there witnessing
The new dances and recordings that pass for this format
The bad idea police are around, too.

Some more history lessons for you:
In the garden of bad and good, people are grown.
These growth spots are called “historical”
They frequently are given signs
Near entrances where high visitor numbers register.
Registers know they are doomed
But manage to eek a living out
Forming proceeds, or what we call donor-a-thons
Comprised of seriously committed bad people
And the individuals made up numbers.

Here is how history turns a profit
And gets the regular joes shouting
This guy reinforced that guy’s desire
Or enforced the rules and security that guy thought bad
And these two guys shout in magic code
Using dates and facts that bad people manipulate
So that the argument is based on zip but bad research.

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