Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TOEFL Essay - Crime is a Problem

Q. Crime is a problem in many large urban centers. If you could change this, what would you do to cut down on crime?

Any inhabitant of large urban locations knows the hint of poverty and crime walk in unison. If I had the productivity and position to affect crime, I would eliminate or reduce the high incidence of poverty because it is conducive to high crime.

Threatening to hit someone succeeds more readily if this target person stands next to you. This is what the distance desire that security dictates. However, the motive for hitting this target individual is none other than poverty, and when you're poor, your hands grow. Poverty causes crimes that we fear. Granted, identity theft and extortion are greatly feared, but these are nonviolent. After poverty is eliminated, our administration will address non-hitting crime, or crime without physical dampening. For example, in areas where we have equal parts, less criminal violence occurs between people.

In addition to reducing poverty as a means to cut crime, I would also establish lasting role models for everyone to admire. As humans, we need admiration and we need others to admire role models, primarily so the hitting stops. When these admirables dictate proper roles and behavior without poverty, crime will markedly decrease. In every place, where admiration is, so are behaviors which promote safety and actions other than hitting. One example would be petting. For example, if we pay attention to models, and these models demonstrate that payoff is only received after a hit, our final action will be to ensure repeat payoff.

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