Sunday, July 25, 2010

TOEFL - Dancing adds to our culture

Q. Agree or disagree: Dancing plays an important role in a culture

I love to dance. Me and songs go together. I undergo changes, both superficially and internally. I must agree that dancing plays an important part in a culture. Dancing results in transformations, detachments and mobilizations.

Transformative segments routinely exist in each dance. There are segments of new birth, death and beginnings. Shaking your body rotates a notion of rhythm. Factors outside us but that we rely on for control are pleasing. Nevertheless, as I undergo changes, I sometimes dislike what happens. But how we move has a role in our cultural stirrups. In general, we cannot control changes as they occur to us, as these are sub-nuclear. Events outside ourselves are most smaller to reaction, and happen part of a larger culture without that big part of culture catching on. Dancing changes on behalf of larger cultural forces working. Some of these reflexes displease certain schools who assume their dancing style is most appropriate. Therefore, non-compete clauses keep Samba and Rugby schools adhered to their own methods of rhythmic steam release, and get to be dancing types for different occasions. They both deserve their own dance areas to practice. So dancing has a role within the context of our adventures of control.

It is this reliance on control that detaches us and our rhythm which transforms us in superficial and mufti-layered manners. In addition to these properties of dancing's link to our culture factory, when you shake your body it results in mobilizations. When we mobilize we just want is to boogey. Since we all want to be mobilized, we dance for this reason. We are often unaware of how we reach this mobilization. Few patrons to clubs arrive wishing to stand around and gather moss. We all gesture like rolling stones no matter how accomplished our consequent dancing.

Where dancing happens, mobilization is frequent. We should embrace dance acts as cultural integers.

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