Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TOEFL Essay - a single world culture born from technology

Q. Technology is creating a single world culture. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Technology is around us. Whenever we see objects, a majority of them have technological uses and applications. These technological surroundings threaten or bless us with a culture that is single and worldly. I agree that it is a single world culture for several reasons, among these are the idea of Internet as a netting device to catch us all; and communication, which inhabits even our silence.

The Internet is technological; it has its roots in items we should take credit for. As a technology, the Internet has done more to unify and homogenize culture inside our own computers. Just think of the diverse networks that now require conventions to speak to each other, or the farm boy from Turkmenistan who uses the Internet to question a Western European. Like alcoholism. These individuals get similar responses and are now aware that we have long had similar questions. So the Internet certainly increases awareness of a single world culture whose potential was always animated, though not always alive. We are now all such a catch.

Another avenue of technological sameness is the communication highway. When we communicate we relay messages similar to how connected computers work. We bestow and receive functions and become functionaries. To this end, when we carry out our duties we are active. In the case of a speaker, we are speaking; or, for example a person using a chatroom is chattery. Consequently, constant activity draws a similar pattern over many diverse cultures' skies. We all see the same plane, and the emergency sign no longer calls for lettering.

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