Friday, July 23, 2010

TOEFL Essay - People Aren't Satisfied

Q. People are never satisfied with what they have; they always want more or something different.

Once is never enough, and more is nothing new. This is a saying I once created for an essay that I did well on, and it's true. We are never satisfied with what we have and we always want more or different objects. Nevertheless, this is positive rather than the common belief in the negative. We are human and can imagine more and do. Additionally, our drive to improve is tied to this instinct.

If animals had imaginations, they would seek different owners and another home. We strive for more and expand our collections because these are new methods and experiences. A place, and object, these are our experimentalism. When we attain different surroundings and degrees, our viewpoint changes. For example, the rags to riches story isn't commonplace because we dream of wealth, but because we truly believe wealth as power to change and redeem aspects of our person which we don't like is a viable equation. Obviously we realize upon acquiring our dreams that they are often deceptions, shanties of the real our mind uses as alarms to keep our feet mobile.

However important walking may be, physical prowess does little to sustain our living needs entirely. Possessions too are strides manifested in objects. You can get this, buy that, go here, arrange this and for how much: these are accomplishments. We buy or achieve, we are saying – even to no one but ourselves – these goods and services represent an achievement in fiscal engineering. Our drive and status within times passage is exemplified during the purchasing moment, when “I can get” becomes more important than “I can be free.” Our iotas of freedom are tied to buying power. In essence, our drive for more exists separately from buying power. Nevertheless, the item in our hands is the end of the road.

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