Friday, July 09, 2010

TOEFL - Business should do whatever make money

Q. Do you agree that business should do whatever it takes to make a profit?

Time is almost always spent unwisely. Contrarily, businesses spend time more wisely. Our business intentions are to fulfill themselves of intent, however, no one is hurting in the process. Since no one is harmed in the buying process, businesses should do what they can to forge a profit because they provide products at low costs and recipients actually benefit.

When enterprises are begun, having efficient products result is our primary worry. Will they result? In other words, when we start a business, our only care or concern should be focused on what symbol will yield asset creation. Without creating assets a business goes into the red. This is disastrous but good., since extremes are the criteria of businesses creating money. With disasters, capital notices. It responds with business. Business creates more capital and also more disaster. Most businesses don't admit this, but they should. They should admit wanting to make more business. For example, if a product doesn't surpass others in its class, it cannot flourish. Consequently, the seller cannot flourish and the product disappears from shelves. These productions then require a great push, innovation, and creative teams. If not, no profit is made. If businesses cannot do what they have in mind, they will fail.

When enterprises fail, it is because people's benefit has not been profiteered; therefore, another aspect that supports my view of business profiteering is people's benefit. Just how much the average we benefit from business is unknown, but we benefit. Without business, we would lack the ability to do most of what modern life demands. We wouldn't be able to work as hard, and spend some more. For example, our lives are full and we are no longer bored all thanks to our own business. An entity as great as this should be allowed freedom to move into downright meltdown.

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