Friday, July 02, 2010

TOEFL Essay - my country requires development

Q. In your country, is there a need to leave land in its natural condition or develop it for housing and industry?

In my country, our national landscape shifts and usually overcomes development and industry. I would urge that this land be developed because our spending great amounts of time underwater is not conducive and our social structure is hindered.

Our lives are entirely wet. The rain arrives and renews cycles, sure, but this nature show is tyranny. We accomplish little when precipitation only hypothetically abates. In general, we are hardly thinkers underwater, or worse, surrounded by water but unable to deal with it in a proper response. For example, our agricultural industry booms, but will eventually succumb to overwatering. Concrete development would greatly help to deflect this issue.

Another reason concrete should be laid, buildings planned and brought to towering monstrance, cities filled and peopled is to reduce silence and redo our social structure. Generally, the average laborer spends days alone without others’ speech, and these are missed learning extravagance. Currently, owning a lack of public spaces, we converse in most regions very little, and quality is the extreme sufferer. It’s difficult to engage in talk before too long becoming your own island. For example, inundation renders full marital vows impossible without boat access. Needless to say, this isn’t a windfall of public openness, and the watery slit in heaven isn’t conducive to wedding popularity.

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