Monday, July 12, 2010

TOEFL Essay - a job is a job for life

Q. Agree or disagree: a job should mean a job for life.

We educate each other according to our lifespan helping determine our longitude. Each should be able to handles as much as creatively complex in an environment that indicates equal demand and rigor. In large cities, this means only handling social networks we capable persons manipulate and destruct. In a work environment, however, a job is a point of view you don't lose; it is for life because of workplace stability and salary potency.

Workplace and force stabilizers are those who retreat into job permanence. These are why jobs come to us. Workers remain stable, and stably occupying frontiers we admonish is how capital becomes known. This firmness supports national growth. In other words, it isn't possible to have many capabilities and decisions to change careers as well. When mobilizers increase, instability becomes sanctioned. To be part of a society that manufactures items in our dreams. The dark ionic power of this tower of manufacture is, of course, the permanence of jobs, but so it is. Mobility isn't feasible. Stay in your job and prosper doing this job forever. Certainly this is a permanent idea and consequently an action that we repeat.

Another reason why perpetuity belongs to our jobs is what demands upon salary we make. Salary itself is a word that implies staying power. For example, grabbing seniority in a location results in a large salary being placed on the doer. Those who stay at one position are more likely to reap benefits and pertain to beneficiaries. When on this planet you benefit, we earn a house which we enjoy or at least do not hate inside of, and which surroundings belong to our desire to learn from our kin. For example, passing along a work trajectory to young ones becomes loving when this is a hand-me-down. A watchmaker is an example of someone unable to learn without job permanence, since learning to customize a fit isn't something that you temporarily pick up one day.

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