Wednesday, July 07, 2010

TOEFL Essay - Sports and Academics Funded Equally

Q. Agree or disagree: Universities should give the same amount of funding to sports as to academics.

My school spent millions on its “military athletic complex.” This term is no exaggeration: the FBI recruits at my school heavily. So true. Being educated among these, I must agree that schools should give equally to academics and athletics because both exercise different body parts and there's enough funding in any case.

Sports are obviously exercise. However, many falsely believe that academics do not cost us. This is only partly true when we study or engage in logic, proving and everything left is exercising as a totality that no sport addresses. In other words, working out might get regions reading doesn't, but the reading effort we put in boasts long term learning effects. For example, teach a man to fish and soon all the fish will disappear became too many do this. Give a man a fish, however, and you can earn money from his fish craving tomorrow.

Yet a final reason I might add that funding should be even is basically because there's just enough. Schools' funds' managers are hardy and resourceful. They know the gimmicks to get the money flowing. They show an enduring understanding of how to channel both money and devotion to sports and academics into broad-based investment opportunities. Nevertheless, these two fields – sports and academics – aren't competitors but complements that merged thousands of years ago to create an institution whose one with is that they now separate. Proper minds full of achieving ideas are composed of sports and academics. If you rebuke one, you are refusing to do business with an entirety. There surely is a gymnast in us all; therefore, we should create equal funding for teams and libraries.

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