Thursday, July 01, 2010

TOEFL Essay - our country's pressing issue

Q. What is the most pressing issue facing your country today?

We are surrounded by problems, some of which we control. In our country, the most pressing recent danger is identity theft due to the ensuing chaotic spending and the dangerous reaction taking place.

When our identity is stolen a violation occurs, a criminal in the world gains riches. Similar to burglary, though different from burglary. In this case the house is electronic and volatile, which we cannot touch to defend. Nevertheless, the danger lies in the spread of chaotic spending which costs your private life and residence documents. As those who consume expand, prices inflate; an entire marketplace whose function is to sell items to disguised buyers has emerged. These buyers who lack sincerity do not intend to use these items, so each item's use-value declines. Items are signals: Enter my online store for deals, is what boosted stereo actually represents. Instead, these goods furnish those who plan never to buy them with surroundings. Furthermore, discounts stamp legitimacy on a bilious mind. Conversely, money too easy is money not in our dominion, and using this easy money for a bargain is greater discount and a way to structure our domain afforded to those whose money this isn't.

Another indicator that ID theft problematizes our today is how we solve stolen identities. Most cases require extra fees paid exclusively by depositors. The assumption is that if the money is ours, we are responsible for the $4.99 encryption fee. Since the security failure is actually the bank's, consumers should rebuke fees as the cost of doing business, instead investigating viable alternatives, such as multiplicity. This responds to anonymity as a cloak. Contrary to a mattress holding our funds, since others know where we keep our mattress, and since a bank is no longer safe, we need a new name for such secure locations we fill with money. For example, we should become the previously stated anonymous personage. We should not assert our complex identifiers, lists of numbers, repeated dates of significance to us, passwords with alphanumeric combinations. As individuals in a population grow steadfast, windows to bilk them do too. Forming a direct link between vanity and theft is only facilitated by unique identification.

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