Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TOEFL Essay - large shopping malls in my community

Q. If a large shopping mall were to be proposed for you community, would you support or oppose this plan?

I have lived in the suburbs all my life. Most of my time has been spent among independently-owned yet somewhat identical homes. There, families look to escape the noise of industry and urbanity. It is to safeguard this serenity and to retain community that if a mall or large shopping complex were to be proposed for my neighborhood, I would most certainly oppose this plan.

Letting a mall into your area shatters the calm. Serenity – we all seek this tranquil form. Some seek domestic tranquility, others preserve their community's peacefulness by fighting for it. In any case, I would obviously oppose such an invasion of the peacefulness of my community. Since a large shopping mall would mean an increase in traffic, pedestrians, noise and would require necessary security. I would fight against its construction.

Large shopping malls interrupt sense of community, almost always shuttering small, local businesses. Clearly, were a mall to be built in my community, the businesses on main street which are the lifeblood of our community would be immediate victims. Even though having greater choices and access to an increased supply of products is desirable, the tradeoffs, or downsides, are too real and severe. While shopping centers do employ many from the population, the business owners, and thus the entire community we live in, would be harmed by such a development. For both these reasons concerning peace and community, I would oppose a shopping mall.

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