Sunday, July 18, 2010

TOEFL - Children and household tasks go together

Q. Agree or disagree: Children should help out with tasks around the house at a very young age.

I began helping my mother with chores when I was very young. Thanks to this experience, I learned how to keep neat and the value of work in a productive life. Consequently, I fully believe that children should help adults with tasks at home from a very young age. I would say that children and chores go hand in hand.

One reason why children should help around the house is to learn to keep neat. In general, children love to make messes and they enjoy ruining a neat, clean room. However, when these children learn to clean and recognize that their clean faces will be shoved in the heaping mess they've created unless they clean it, they become greater responsible. For example, my brother was always messy until we put him to work, cleaning his room on Saturdays. The cleaner he kept his room, of course, the less he had to clean, and thus the less time he spent away from his friends. They were playing outside. In my brother's case, household chores eventually saved him time. Regardless, keeping neat and clean isn't the only reason children doing household chores is a positive thing.

Time is highly valued in our life. Work, too. Chores at a young age detonate the notion of just how integral these things are within us. Furthermore, they reveal to children possible moneymaking and career paths. It's important kids know where they stand in relation to their career trajectory. For example, my brother used to iron shirts at home, later he graduated to ironing at a laundromat. He soon plans to venture forth to open his own t-shirt ironing business someday. If he hadn't been put to work at a young age, he wouldn't be poised to earn as a young businessperson. It was exposing him early to ironing and pressing that opened his world.

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