Thursday, July 08, 2010

TOEFL Essay - We don't possibly learn from hardship

Q. Agree or disagree: Most experiences in our lives that seem difficult are valuable lessons for the future.

We people have long valued work as edifying and distinguishing. It's probably work's difficulty, the very hardship, that forms part of this attraction; Easiness isn't attractive. Difficulty produces a result which is found to be productive due its high quality and the amount of time we pour into it. Regardless of our view of work and difficulty, it's not something I agree with that most experiences in our lives that seem difficult are always valuable lessons for the future. I disagree mainly because to learn we need to be attentive and some obstacles really might have been easy and unattractive.

Listening is important. Follow instructions is important. Most important, however, is to follow the instructions of your heart. Our heart handles phenomenal information. Most of what we suffer that is difficult passes through the heart. Therefore, if we listen to this organ, we may learn. Most don't listen and don't get learning from hardship. For example, you mean to tell me that I carried this bike in 96 degree heat 60 blocks and up several flights of stairs only to arrive to listen to a buyer's complaint that the paint, which he fully intended to strip off, was slightly chipped and rougher looking than he had seen in the online pics because he had previously not viewed them on any screen larger than his smartphone and as a result this is somehow my fault and he therefore deserves to pay less? You can bet I've learned from this.

Don't imply that anyone would learn, however. We don't often learn from easy things. Much of what we consider difficult at the time is quite easy, and then afterward we realize how easy it was. On the other hand, we don't always learn from the objectively difficult, either. While there are possibilities to learn, I don't always agree that difficulty breeds learning.

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