Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TOEFL Essay - Pets being treated as family members is good

I read about one woman burying her cat with a full funeral, while another wed her dog. These two deeply loved their pets. For a love this deep, more than mere petting usually suffices. I insist that while people treat their animals like more than friends, how pets affect self-esteem and their consistent behavior result in positives.

Pets really foster high self-esteem. Generally speaking, glimpsing a smiling dog behaving well moves our hearts and rekindles our ancient belief in connections. Pets signify the caring of someone else who exists and cares for our person who exists and cares, too. This is who we are. When we recipients congratulate ourselves, often in pet company, our capacity to be a dependable entity awakens. An illustration is that many pets help with depression and worthless feelings because duties occupy our maneuvers. In a way, pets regard us as heroes and as our own self-esteem thermometer.

Another section of pet difference is their actions: pets don't choose to act, and therefore act consistently. In other words, a cat will continue to be a cat. In many nations, people are so stressed they forget vacation and we're unsure how they might react. Our moods strain and split. How a person reacts is very unlike a cat or larger animal would. Pets, however, will act consistently cued by their interests. We shouldn't perturb our thoughts with why, but can rather count on pet solidarity in behavior. For example, nationally American dogs are the same as Chinese dogs only with different words for paw.

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