Friday, June 04, 2010

A sheep in wolf's clothing and why it always behaves like a sheep

Proverbs tell us that clothes make the man and also that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. But clothes don't make the man. Rather, they make us warm. They deflect what true relationships with nature and atmosphere we might have. 

There are reasons why clothes cover us: They are masks, and we never truly crack the pretty unknown kernel of our true identity. It's even more impossible for outsiders (those outside our own minds) to distinguish us from the clothed us. And while many believe that self-expression lies in our cloaking devices, what exactly is cloaking us outsiders manufacture. Therefore, cloaking represents at best only a partially successful attempt to capture human complexity in fabric.

In other words, covers modestly fail to decode who we are, even when we ask for ourselves. On the contrary, it's clothing that hides and obscures our true selves.

While human behavior is frequently dictated by how we dress, our values and set patterns of reacting and making judgments are freefloating and detach from appearing outward. Ghosted. Another way of looking at this is taking the example of a funeral. Sure, ways of acting while we mourn might alter slightly, but no wholesale transformation takes place. Funeral attendees might look respectful, and even pass for respectable, but to please value on their outward appearance during a time of death is to mistake the box for the present.  

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